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FREE Shipping On Everything | Buy 4 or More Items Get 15% Off (Code: 4FOR15)

High Quality 33cm Cast Iron Rectangular Baking Dish | Casserole Pan in Black Cherry Red

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Original price $218.00
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Gourmet Kitchen Cast Iron Rectangular Baking Pan - 33 cm Black Cherry Red & Eden Green

Elevate your cooking with a high-quality cast iron baking pan. This rectangular pan is big enough for family dishes and great for casseroles, baking, and roasting. It’s perfect for cooking, great for serving, and ideal for storing leftovers in the fridge. From gas and electric hobs to ceramic and induction cookers, this cast iron baking dish is ready for any kitchen.

A high-quality cast-iron oven dish is the perfect tool for delicious bakes. From parmigiana to tuna pasta, from chicken and cheese to creamy potatoes, this baking pan will fill your home with fantastic aromas and tastes. This baking pan provides great temperature control, so you can be assured of perfect energy-efficient cooking. The Gourmet Kitchen Cast Iron Rectangular Baking Pan is available in two amazing colours: stunning Black Cherry Red and stylish Eden Green.

This cast iron roasting tin combines raw cast iron with modern enamel. The cast iron base distributes and retains heat evenly, and the enamel finish helps to protect the dish from scratches, scrapes, and rust. Along with looking great and cooking to perfection, this product is also fast to cool and easy to clean. While it can't be washed in the dishwasher, all it needs is a little hot water and soap, followed by light oil for extra protection. If you want a new baking pan to inspire years of great flavours, this attractive product is the perfect addition to your collection.


  • Suitable for hobs and ovens

  • Raw cast iron and high-quality enamel

  • Perfect for cooking, serving, and storing

  • Great for casseroles, baking, and roasting

  • Twin handles for easy movement


  • Dimensions: 33 cm x 23 cm x 6.5 cm

  • Approx weight: 4 kg


  • Black Cherry Red 
  • Eden Green


  • Cast iron and enamel surfacing

Made in China