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FREE Shipping On Everything | Buy 4 or More Items Get 15% Off (Code: 4FOR15)

Pawzee Foldable Portable Cat Litter Box | Pink Kitty Litter Box

Original price $9,999.00 - Original price $9,999.00
Original price $9,999.00
$9,999.00 - $9,999.00
Current price $9,999.00

Trained your cat to use a litter box? Superb. That litter still gets kicked everywhere? Sadness. Your new kitty litter box keeps everything inside the box. The perforated roof knocks more litter from their paws.

Do you close the door when you go to the toilet? Cats desire privacy too. Your cat litter box enclosure gives them a sense of security and safety. They enter through the bottom and leave through the top.

Use the included scoop to lift out any kitty waste products. If the cat litter tray box is getting a bit funky just slide the cat litter tray out and give it a scrub. Let it dry and you are good to use it again.

Cats love to test out many items in your home. Lucky for you this is designed to stop cats destroying it. Your cat can get in and out thousands of times. Not suitable for super chonkers cats though.

Watch your cat rub themselves up against the built-in cat brush on the box. Add it to the left or right side of the box. Maybe the cat brush will be the bit your cat loves the most. Scratches without humans.

Key Features

  • Separate entry and exit door
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Spacious interior
  • Removable litter drawer
  • Litter shovel included

Brand: PaWz

Material: ABS + PP

Overall dimensions: 48.5cm x 38cm x 36.5cm (L x W x H)

Drawer dimensions: 44 cm x 32cm (L x W)

Top door dimensions: 18cm x 16cm (L x W)

Front door dimensions: 33cm x 20cm (L x W)

Storage drawer dimensions: 13.5cm x 7cm x 5cm (L x W x H)

Folded dimensions: 51cm x 40cm x 12cm (L x W x H)

Colour: Pink

  • 1 x PaWz Foldable Cat Litter Box
  • 1 x Bonus Shovel

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